Day 60 – Found More Nice People (and the Frog Jump Capital) in Ohio

Another lovely day cycling in Ohio with more nice people in small communities.

Today’s Route

I started today on a beautiful bike path from Lindsey to Clyde. From there I joined the traffic on Route 20, a busy highway that, like Indiana’s Route 30, offered me a safe haven in a wide shoulder walled by a thick rumble strip. The last half of the ride I spent on a shoulder-less, rolling country road intersecting through small towns with patient (except for one jerk who must not have been from Ohio), vigilant drivers. For a change, the weather was fabulous – 25 degrees cooler than yesterday! I actually wore arm warmers for most of the day. All told, I clocked in about 80 miles today.

Bill on the Bike Path

I was talking to myself on the bike path when Bill caught up to me on his Trek bike. A regular rider, last year Bill rode over 4,000 miles. He is a retired electrical engineer who loved problem-solving outages. Prior to being an engineer, he taught high school math and science because he loves anything math. Bill was only going for a short ride this morning, but when he heard me share how lonely it has been to ride alone, he decided to keep me company and ride the entire bike path with me. More nice people in Ohio…

Tracy at Rite Aid

Tracy has been working the checkout counter at Rite Aid in Strongsville (what a great name for a town!) for 3 years and what she loves is the people who come into the store. I’m not convinced that they’re all loveable in spite of being Ohioans (I witnessed a few nice Ohioans having a few not-so-nice moments at Rite Aid), so I’m crediting Tracy’s great energy and commitment to serving others that makes her love her job

Valley City – Frog Jump Capital

I rode through a very proud small town called Valley City, which is celebrating its bi-centennial this year. As I entered the town, I was greeted with a sign that read: “Welcome to Valley City. Frog Jump Capital of OH” Upon further research, I discovered that they have a Frog Jump Festival every year that raises money for the Chamber. This year will be their 50th consecutive year of bringing people together to jump frogs. More community-building in Ohio…

Day 60 Stats

Day 60 miles: 79.87 miles

Day 60 ascent: 1,648 feet (I think Ohio is starting to prepare me for the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania next week…)

Total miles: 3,675.94 miles

Road kill count: 1,547 
(added 77 today. Ohioans may be “nice” but they run over their share of vermin just like the rest of the country…)

Destination for Day 61: Hubbard, OH (our last stop in Ohio before entering Pennsylvania!)


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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One Response to Day 60 – Found More Nice People (and the Frog Jump Capital) in Ohio

  1. Sandra Pilon says:

    Its my experience that people respond to kindness so not surprising that they are being nice to you!.. Can’t believe that you are already in Ohio. I am learning about American geography trying to keep up with you.
    You are AMAZING!!
    love you

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