Day 59 – Found Remarkable in Ohio, What Do You Love About Your Job?

Ohio’s landscape is as indistinguishable as Indiana’s. The only way I knew I was in Ohio today and not Indiana or Illinois was by looking at the license plates. Same flat country roads lined with fields of corn, soybeans, barns, and farmhouses.  So, just like Indiana, I had to look elsewhere for remarkable, and I found it!

 Ohio’s Remarkable

After having been through Indiana, I was alert from the outset, and as a result, I found Ohio’s remarkable in my first full day in the state.

 In Indiana I was literally stunned by the number of churches of all denominations. I couldn’t ride a block without seeing a church. Ohio is not dissimilar – lots of churches. In addition, lots of old, majestic barns. Barns as far as the eye can see and as old as you can imagine. These barns are the epicenter for the small farms that dot the countryside, and these farms revolve around the small farm towns that make up the Ohio that I’m riding through this week.

Here’s what I’ve surmised. When people get together to talk about the bible, the weather, or their town (which they can, and do, impact because it’s so small), they bond. This bonding creates community, and out of community comes nice people. In all my trips to OH, this one included, I’ve always met the nicest people. The small town of Wayne, OH knows I’m on to something… read on!

Wayne, OH

“Welcome to Wayne. Home of 842 nice people and one sorehead. Ken Brooks.”

I saw these words painted on the side of one of the biggest buildings in town. Stunned, I stopped and asked the nearest person I could find.

“Is Ken Brooks the old sorehead?”


“Does he know about this?”

“Yep.” She giggled.

“Is he OK with being called a sorehead?”

“Yep. The town holds a vote every summer to nominate the next sorehead. You can go into the post office right now and vote.”

“Ah! Is Ken Brooks proud to be the old sorehead?”

“You bet!” She said grinning.

That’s how a small community bonds! So Ohio!

Today’s Route

All elements were in my favor today. Flat road, wind at my back, little traffic. It was one of the easiest rides I’ve had in awhile. I had intended on stopping in Bowling Green, but that was 50 miles and I arrived there at noon. So I decided to keep going and ride to Fremont for a total of 86 miles today. While it was hot, the wind from my speed kept me cool. At one point, the temperature indicator on my bike GPS read “108 degrees,” probably because it was directly in the sun… but then so was I!

What do you love about your job?

For 8 weeks now you’ve read on this blog about what other people love about their jobs. Now I’m turning the tables. I’m curious to know what you love about your job. I’m sure there are things you don’t love, and we spend too much time focused on those already. But there has to be something you love about your job. What is it? Answer that question and I’ll send you a copy of my new book, Moxie for Managers. (Just in case, you’re concerned that your total Road Kill estimate is going to fall short of winning…) And if you already got that book, I’ll send you a different book. (Don’t worry, I’ll make sure we ask your preference before sending one.)

5 simple ground rules from the attorney in me, of course:

(1) Email your answers to me at

(2) Answer the following questions:

  • What do you love about your job?
  • How does your boss influence your success? (if you are your own  boss, you are probably influenced by a board of directors, an investor, your spouse, or your mother…)
  • How do you influence other people’s success?

(3) Send me a decent picture of yourself.

(4) Send me these 2 things no later than Sunday July 24 (the weekend I reach the Atlantic Ocean).

(5) Understand that if you send me answers and your picture, you’re giving me the right to use either or both in the Moxie Ride blog and/or the documentary and/or the book, and you aren’t going to change your mind later or ask for any compensation. The book is it.

Day 59 Stats

Day 59 miles: 86.70 miles

Total miles: 3,596.07 miles

Road kill count: 1,470 
(added 54 today. Strangely, the birds in Ohio and Indiana know how to fly a lot better than the birds in Illinois…)

Destination for Day 60: Brunswick, OH


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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