Day 54 – Made the First Story in the Kane County Chronicle!

First Story of the Chronicle

I made page 2 of the Kane County Chronicle newspaper! Technically, I made page 1 because there is no page 1, just a picture on the cover of the paper, which folds in half like a magazine. That makes the Moxie Ride, the first story of the paper today!  You can read the article at this link (they used this picture here of me interviewing Kurt Mette from Effingham):

Brittany, the People Greeter

I made my weekly visit to the local Walmart and met Brittany, a  young woman with a great attitude who is appropriately the People Greeter. What Brittany loves about her job is the stories she has collected from the people she meets (not all good ones, but “interesting stories”). She also loves the opportunity she has to move in the company. She is currently working for a promotion to the bakery to do cake decorating, so she is (in her words) “trying to go above and beyond.” For example, Brittany not only greets peoples, she makes sure that she offers everyone a cart and the help they need. She never hesitates to call her manager over to assist customers when she cannot.

Robin, the Realtor

I had the pleasure of interviewing Robin Stoecklin, a realtor who works for my mom at Baird & Warner (and an avid blog follower). I asked Robin what she loves about her job and she surprised me with her answer. Robin said she loves the hunt – hunting for that perfect house for her clients. She also said that her boss (my mom) influences her success by supporting Robin in being an individual first and choosing her own path for success, and then supporting Robin in being successful.

Celebrating with Some Fans

Tonight a few avid blog followers joined me at my mom’s to cheer me on. Thank you for being fans! Rob, my mom, my sister Darcy (pictured below with Joaquin), her husband Diego, my nephew Joaquin, my niece Lulu, my Uncle John and Aunt Lydia, my Uncle Paul, Alan, Mrs. Hemmer, Ron, the Baird & Warner crew pictured here (Shirley, Anne, Doni, Robin, Gailene, and Carrie), Howie, Justin and his dad Luis, Ellen, and Jeff.

Tomorrow’s Route

Another cyclist is joining me and Rob tomorrow. My good friend and law school colleague, Jeff Furnia, will be riding with us starting in the morning. We’ll be heading through the Chicago suburbs to reach Crete, IL, a town just west of the Indiana border.

Interesting Sights

  • My Moxie Ride article in the Kane County Chronicle entitled, “On a bike, and on a mission” (thanks News Editor Al Lagattolla!)
  • My mom’s gutter when I ran the RV into it…
  • The “Turtle Whisperer” Moxie Ride t-shirt that Jeff had made for me (you can see it in this self-portrait that Carrie and I did)

 Day 54 Stats

Day 54 miles: 0

Total miles: holding at 3,221.62 miles
(less than 1,000 miles left to go)

Total interviews: 89

Road kill count: holding steady at 1,170
(I now notice road kill everywhere I go. Saw a few dead things on the roads in St. Charles, but I won’t start counting again until I get my butt back on the bike in the morning.)

Destination for Day 55: Crete, IL (our last night in Illinois)


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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