Day 46+47+48 – Made the Front Page of Effingham Daily News

Ahead of schedule, we took 2 days off in Effingham to spend time with my brother, Carson, and my nephew, Parker. Along the way, I discovered a wonderful community and made the paper!

Effingham Daily News

One of Carson’s friends, Pat Neet (read more about Pat below), called the Effingham Daily News about my trip, and Bill Grimes, a reporter from the paper, called to interview me. This morning right before we launched, Carson’s neighbor, Ron, brought us today’s newspaper at 6:30am. On the front cover was a picture of me interviewing Kurt Mette, a truck driver (see below), and a whole story about The Moxie Ride (must have been a slow news day…). You can check out the entire story on line at:

Kurt, the Truck Driver

I interviewed Kurt right before he left for a trip delivering 42,000 pounds of syrup to Pennsylvania. Kurt is a truck driver for Direct Lines Trucking, and what he loves about his job is the opportunity every week to see the country. He once tried carpentry, but missed the road too much. Kurt shared that the way his boss influences his success is with his confidence in Kurt and in the success of the company. What a treat it was to share the front page of the paper with such a positive person!

Rob, my Biking Partner for the Week

Rob has been training for the past month to join me for a week on The Moxie Ride. Yesterday, he flew to St. Louis, and when I picked him up from the airport, he made it, but his bike didn’t. Thanks to Louisa, the Continental problem-solver (see below), we retrieved it off the next flight. Today was Rob’s first day on the road, and the trooper did 83 miles without balking or bonking!  

Louisa, the Continental Problem Solver

Louisa the Continental Airlines Baggage Service Agent is definitely a problem solver. She found Rob’s missing bike, treated us to breakfast as we waited for it, and was warm and delightful the entire time (in spite of Rob’s fury when he first discovered that his bike was MIA). When I interviewed Louisa, she shared that she loves helping people and traveling all over the world. Her wonderful bosses influence her success by encouraging her and always jumping in to help her help others.  

John and Della, Sow Aficionados

I met this delightful couple at the open house Carson held for us last night at his house.

John is the manager of a sow farm. He took over a fledging farm 7 years ago, and he loves the ongoing challenge of making the 5,400 head sow farm functioning and profitable. He also loves that his bosses trust him and grant him an enormous amount of responsibility to make the farm successful. And John loves being a boss, discovering what influences people to want to succeed, and then getting out there and helping them do just that. John is someone I would work for in a heartbeat!

John’s wife, Della, wins the award for the most fascinating job of all of my interviews (I’m not even done yet, and I can guarantee she wins). Della is a semen courier. That’s right! She transports boarshead semen from as far away as Ohio to John’s sow farm so that John and his team can artificially inseminate their sows. Della loves seeing the country so much that before this remarkable job, she was a truck driver. So cool!

Pat and Duane, Retired Children Devotees

Pat and Duane may be retired now but they have a lifetime of caring for children. Duane was an educator and eventually became the school superintendent. He loved teaching so much, however, that he always taught a class, even while he was a superintendent. Duane wanted to stay in touch with the people his decisions were impacting – how refreshing! Pat, Duane’s wife, was a pediatric nurse practitioner for 30 years, and what she loved about it was, simply, the children. The world needs more Pats and Duanes.

The Interesting Sight

The Effingham Cross (I am now in the middle of the Bible belt, and what better way to claim your stake in the belt than to build a 198 foot cross at the intersection of two major interstates…)

Day 48 Stats

Day 48 miles: 83.02 miles

Total mileage: 2,985.50 miles

Total interviews: 81

Road kill count: 1,058
(added 54 today. Rob really got into counting road kill with me, and a few times as he shouted with glee and pointed to a smashed animal in the road, I had to remind him that we’re not celebrating dead things, we are simply acknowledging creatures that met their demise on the open road).

Destination for Day 49: Kankakee, Illinois (on my way to see my mom and sister!)


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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