Day 41 – Screaming Climbs in Ozark Mountains after First Rain-Delay

Woke to gray skies and thunder this morning. As we were ready to go, the rain came pouring down. My first rain delay in 40 days! We spent the morning in McDonald’s (surprisingly this town does not know Starbucks…) for a few hours until the rain passed and then we were on our way. Delayed but not deterred.

Today’s Route – the Ozarks

Rode 70 miles from Houston to Ellington, MO in what can only be described as one of the hardest hill-climbing days yet. In 2,500 miles, through the mountain ranges in CA, NV, UT and CO, I never rode a 15% grade hill… until today. And not once today, many many many times. The elevation map for today looked more like an EKG report. Check out the picture of the black diamond of hill climbs! Today the fast parts were really fast and the slow parts were really slow.

Bill and Mark, Brothers from St. Louis

We met Bill and Mark at a scenic overlook in the Ozarks. On a road trip with some friends, they innocently inquired about our trip only to find themselves unexpectedly in a conversation about what they love about their jobs. Bill (on the left in the picture) is a science teacher, and without hesitation, he said that what he loves about his job is teaching kids. His brother Mark is a network analyst, and after explaining that he is in charge of making sure the computers, servers, and routers at his company don’t cook or freeze, he revealed that what he loves about his job is that he learns something new every day. Good sports and nice guys!

Day 41 Stats

Day 41 miles: 70.46 miles

Total mileage: 2,617.39 miles

Day 41 ascent: 5,030 ft of slow parts

Day 41 descent: 5,518 ft of fast parts

Total interviews: 70

Road kill count: 705
(added 30 today, including, sadly, a dog (new to the list), and I saved another turtle today. These are pictures of me in my duties as the turtle whisperer.)

Don’t forget to send me your guess for the total road kill count by midnight on Mon the 27th. I’m giving away 10 books to the 10 people who come closest to the final count. (See Day 40 blog for the scoop and the ground rules that I concocted.)

Destination for Day 42: Bismark, Missouri


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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One Response to Day 41 – Screaming Climbs in Ozark Mountains after First Rain-Delay

  1. Gailene says:

    God bless the turtle whisperer……I feel the movie offers pouring in.

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