Day 34: Holy Hailstorm! Not a Dull Moment in Kansas

For a state presumed to be flat, dull, and boring, Kansas has been anything but. Tonight it hailed. And not just any hail. Jawbreaker-sized hail came slamming down on the RV for at least 30 minutes. On top of that, lightning danced across the sky again, rain poured from the clouds, the winds swirled, and a tornado warning was issued a few towns from here.

Today’s Route

After last night’s RV-shaking windstorm and before tonight’s RV-rattling hailstorm, today was calm and beautiful, scorching hot (94 degrees with 50% humidity!), with manageable headwinds, and barely any elevation. I rode 76 miles from Larned to Hutchinson, Kansas, through more colorful farmlands and a wildlife refuge area (aka “land that is not farmable and no one wants to deal with it”)

Richard and the Cows

We met Richard as we were leaving Larned. He works on a feedlot and when I asked him what he loves about his job, his first response was the money. But when he told me he makes $13/hour, the same as the hospital, I said, “Then why the feedlot instead of the hospital? What do you love about this job?” He said, “I get to deal with cows instead of people, and cows don’t talk back.” I loved his honesty and fresh perspective!

Interesting Sights

  • Ostriches and camels in the middle of farm country (at an exotic animal farm)
  • Tonight’s lightning storm (our 4th storm in our 4th night in Kansas!)
  • The jawbreaker-sized hail peppering the ground during the storm (ice cubes were literally falling from th sky!)

Day 34 Stats

Day 34 miles: 76.92

Total mileage: 2,130.52

Day 34 ascent: 1,070 ft

Total interviews: 54

Road kill count: 359 (added 39 today, including 7 snakes!)

(What’s up with the high road kill count in Kansas? I am riding on one of the main highways through Kansas, a regular route for semis and tractors. And like a bad game of Frogger, these animals have to cross to get to the next field.)

Destination for Day 35: El Dorado, Kansas


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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2 Responses to Day 34: Holy Hailstorm! Not a Dull Moment in Kansas

  1. Wow! Ice cubes falling from the sky! Time to open the margarita mix!!!!

    Keep peddling and watch out for tornadoes. And if you see one, don’t do what my great-grandfather did when he was a little boy…hide in a levee. Lucky for me he was a good runner!

  2. Sheri Jeavons says:

    Ann, You have been experiencing all the weather! I love reading your updates and think of you often. I send you prays to make sure you stay safe. I am so impressed with you I can not believe you are doing this. You are so brave. Are you lonely? What are you thinking about on your long rides? Has anything changed for you? Miss you love, Sheri

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