Days 28+29: The Lackluster Side of Colorado after a Splendid Day Off in Denver

I spent Saturday in Denver visiting my friends April, Emily, and Paige. How strange to walk among routine-driven crowds of people running errands. I tried to blend in, but unsuccessfully. I couldn’t help but ask people about their jobs, hand out Moxie Ride business cards, and gush about seeing the country by bicycle. I’m sure I was annoying…

Today’s Route

Back on the bike today after a day off and I feel like I’m on a different bike ride. No elevation. No climbing. No wind. No turns. No stunning mountains. No remarkable scenery. Just 55 miles of straight, flat cycling through some of the most bleak country roads and forsaken towns. At least the frequent road kill kept me mesmerized…

Emily, the Energy Attorney

For as long as I’ve known Emily, she has been searching for a job she is passionate about. Finally, she found it. Emily is an attorney for a renewable energy start-up company. When I asked her what she loves about her job, she said, the challenging work, the fast-paced energy, and that she is contributing to the success of a company that will impact her daughters’ future. I think Emily discovered the secret for her: challenging work, significant contribution. (Here is a picture of Emily, Logan, and me)

Randy, the Youth Pastor

Randy is a Youth Pastor for a church outside of Denver. He was getting ready to take a group of teenagers to Canada for a weeklong retreat when I seized the opportunity to ask him what he loves about his job. Randy passionately shared that he loves pushing kids out of their comfort zone to discover their potential, and he loves empowering them to lead. The world needs more mentors like Randy! (Randy is pictured here with his daughter Paige)

John Laboda, a Retired CIO

John is a retired CIO after a 47-year career in the supermarket industry. When we interviewed John, we asked him what he loved about his job and his instant response was, “Everything.” He loved leading people. In particular, he hired attitude and then trained for skills and cultivated people’s potential through opportunities. Not surprisingly, his turnover was less than 5%. He also loved the technology. In particular, he was implementing cutting-edge technology faster than anyone in the industry. The world needs more leaders like John!

Interesting Sights

  • The largest cattle farm I’ve ever seen – 55,000 head of cattle!
  • A toilet among the road kill garbage littering the side of the road
  • A prison in the middle of the desert (Colorado is on to something – Nevada and Utah could take a few lessons on how to leverage unused land…)
  • My 3rd Wal-mart visit in 29 days (enough said…)

Day 29 Stats

Day 29 miles: 55.77

Total mileage: 1,773.41

Day 27 ascent: 686 ft (must have been a bump in the road…)

Total interviews: 47

Road kill count: 206 (added 18, including 4 snakes (1 huge!), 2 raccoons, 1 fox, and 1 cat)

Destination for Day 30: Eads, CO (pop. 747)


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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