Day 24: Tackling the Rocky Mountains, Stopping in Gunnison CO

Another gorgeous day in Colorado! 63 miles with 2 summits, but again, slow and steady climbs each time. Then downhill with the wind at my back into Gunnison.

The fear of the Rockies

People have been putting the fear of the Rockies in me for the past year, and I am no longer afraid. In fact, after climbing up Carson Pass in Tahoe, foraging the mountain ranges of the Nevada desert, and scaling the 14% inclines in the Utah red rocks, I feel entirely trained for these Rockies.

Tomorrow is the pinnacle: the Continental Divide at 11,000 feet. And I could not be more excited!

What goes on between my ears

My good friend Jeff Furnia asked me to share about what goes on between my ears when I ride by myself for 6 hours at a time. Here’s my strategy: I solve problems while I ride. Every morning as I start the day’s ride, I take with me some issues to address, something that needs innovating, and some emails or conversations to resolve. Then I mull, marinate, and muse on them throughout the ride, sometimes intentionally, other times not. I’ve tried meditating with my eyes closed, but I prefer meditating with my eyes on ever-changing scenery, sitting on the saddle, moving the bike pedals around and around.

Bonnie, the Plant Whisperer

We met Bonnie at the Garden, a greenhouse in downtown Gunnison when we asked her for a recommendation for dinner. This is Bonnie’s 4th season running the Garden and she clearly adores her job. When I asked her what she loves about her job, she gazed lovingly into the greenhouse and replied, “What’s not to love?” She loves that she gets to care for the plants, she loves teaching people how to love plants, and she loves that her boss Paula gives her the freedom to take charge, run the Garden, enjoy the plants, engage with customers, and have fun.

Day 24 Stats

Day 24 miles: 63.60 miles

Total mileage: 1,535.12

Day 24 ascent: 4,867 ft

Total interviews: 41

Road kill count: 169 (all 5 additions today were unidentifiable!)

Destination for Day 25: The Continental Divide!


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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3 Responses to Day 24: Tackling the Rocky Mountains, Stopping in Gunnison CO

  1. Wendy W W says:

    Certainly, fear has no chance in the face of your excitement and when juxtaposed against what you have conquered so far! it is SO thrilling that you are at this point at what seems so soon (from the bleachers, at least!) on this great adventure! GO, ANN, GO!!!!!
    ~ WWW

  2. I love your meditation philosophy. Some people sit on mats while you prefer to spin. Doesn’t matter as long as the mind stays quiet. I’m so psyched for you about the Rockies! To be able to look something you once feared in the face and say “bring it on’ is what moxie is all about. See, I been reading the book!!!

  3. Tita says:

    Good job foxie moxie! Take it easy. Maybe we’ll meet up in New York.

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