Day 22: Lizard Head Pass into Telluride – Best Ride Yet!

Today was my favorite ride thus far!  Colorado is absolutely stunning!

Lizard Head Pass

Based on studying the elevation map last night, I was convinced today was going to be the hardest ride at 10,220 feet of elevation. But the map deceived me. We were already at 7,000 feet and a 3,000-foot climb over 50 miles actually resulted in a pleasant ascent of only 1-2% for most of the uphill. Best of all, the scenery was magnificent the entire way. Glorious Ponderosa Pine trees, gushing snow-melted river, cow farms, blue sky, and sun. Couldn’t ask for a better ride!


We rode down from Lizard Pass right into Telluride. More stunning beauty, and an old western town with rich history.

(Historical note: After the 1929 Crash, Charles Waggoner, president of the Bank of Telluride, contrived a Robin Hood scheme to save his bank and pay off depositors. He went to NY and borrowed money illegally from five different banks. He returned to Telluride, paid off most of the bank’s debts, and fled town. After being arrested in Wyoming, he said in court, “I’d rather the NY banks lose money than the people of Telluride, most of whom have worked all their lives for the savings that were deposited in my bank.” He was sentenced to 15 years but paroled after 3.)

Wendy, the self-made salon owner

Like me, Wendy is riding across the country via Adventure Cycling maps, so we have been tracking each other from town to town since we met her and her husband Sam in Nevada. I rode the final mile to the top of Lizard Pass with Wendy today. So fun to share the celebration with them!

Wendy started her own salon 10 years ago and so we interviewed her for the documentary. What she loves about her job is that success is always in her hands. In addition, the salon is a form of art for her. (Here’s a picture of Sam, Justin, and Wendy at the top of Lizard Head Pass.)

Interesting Sights

  • A “Jesus Saves”-wrapped RV (clearly not the road kill…)
  • A sign: “America needs a faith lift”
  • A field of prairie dogs popping up from the ground (reminded me of the game wack-o-mole)
  • My dog Elwood on Skype this morning (along with Rob, Jack, and Carly – the perfect way to start the day!)
  • Colorado mountains!

Day 22 Stats:

Day 22 miles: 64.28 miles

Total mileage:  1,404.17

Day 22 ascent:  4,229 ft

Total interviews: 38

Road kill count: 151

Destination for Day 23: Montrose, CO


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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4 Responses to Day 22: Lizard Head Pass into Telluride – Best Ride Yet!

  1. janet & bob in Colorado says:

    Hi, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and following you on the map. Seems you’ll be around the Denver area before the 23rd. Wish we were going to be here. Mark et al leave here on the 18th for Cape Cod. If you want, let him know your whereabouts. 1-303-818-0215. We’re (Mark & Julie,too) 10 mi. NE of Boulder in Longmont. Happy Travels. Luv, Janet

  2. Sandra Pilon says:

    YOU ROCK! What an amazing journey.. thank you for sharing your experience. Its so much fun to read about where you are and who you are meeting.
    love you!

  3. Jenny and John says:

    Ann! You are truly an inspiration. I don’t know anyone else who would not only do what you’re doing, but would take the time to write a hand-written Thank You note in the midst of this adventure! You’re the best. We read the blog every day, and can’t wait to get to it. Enjoy it all — this is SO great! Much love from Jenny and John

  4. Rob says:

    You are a rockstar! we all love you, miss you, and are so proud of you! Elwood always looks for you, and he loved seeing and hearing you yesterday! Keep it up and cant wait to see you!

    Rob, Jack, Carly & Elwood!

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