Day 17: Utah Canyonlands with Rob and Justin

Today I rode away from Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos, through incredible red rocks and the Utah Canyonlands to the town of “Escalante.” The scenery was constantly shifting; I forgot I was in the desert! I am fairly certain that Utah intentionally drew the state line between Nevada and Utah to keep the beautiful red rocks and leave the monotonous, dull desert in Nevada.

My Fearless Road Crew

While I rode without Alan and the gang today, I was equally entertained by my road crew duo – Rob and Justin. As you can see in this picture, they were having as much waiting for me as they were supporting me.


We met Wendy at the Ruby’s Inn Restaurant in Bryce Canyon. She brought her sunshine to our table when she waited on us for breakfast. I immediately asked her what she loves about her job. She said that she is usually a shy, introverted person, but this job brings out her personality, which allows her to connect with people successfully.

Interviewing Rob

Rob (my incredible husband who flew from NY to spend 3 days on the road with me) is a Regional Channel Manager for Motorola Solutions. Before he leaves in the morning we had to interview him for the documentary. I regularly ask Rob what he loves about his job and he consistently shares this list, as he did for the camera: (1) leading a team, (2) developing people and aligning them with what’s important to the team, (3) solving problems for customers, (4) solving problems with colleagues in cross-functional teams, and (5) representing technology that has a visible and material impact on business and people’s experiences.

Interesting Sights

  • Utah’s red rocks
  • Beaver dams
  • A drive-in movie theater in the desert with 2 rows of 1950s cars facing the screen
  • 4 llamas in someone’s front yard across from the grocery store in Escalante
  • 2 dogs nonchalantly riding on the back of a flat bed pickup
  • A motorcycle rider giving me an encourgaing thumbs up as I climbed a 13% grade hill

Stats for Day 17

Miles: 45.59

Total mileage: 1,018.29

Total ascent: 2,392 ft

Total interviews: 32

Road kill count: 104

Destination for Day 18: Torrey, UT


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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3 Responses to Day 17: Utah Canyonlands with Rob and Justin

  1. Shirley Newman says:

    Ann, Love the pictures.

  2. Tita says:

    Good riding foxie moxie Ann!

  3. Allison Tilley says:

    Hey Ann – Stan let me know about this adventure you are on. Totally cool! I wish you all the best. I sure loved my job when you were here (I still do but I miss you!)

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