Days 14 + 15: Over Cedar Mountain and into Bryce Canyon

Today was a test. We left Cedar City UT and headed for Bryce Canyon. The only thing standing in our way was Cedar Mountain with a 10,000 foot summit.

Cedar Mountain

The shoulder was narrow, the street was winding, the wind was gusting, and the grade was steep. But the red rock canyon was gorgeous and so we pedaled on in anticipation of more.


There were 5 of us climbing together today. The 3 heading to DC, Alan heading to Zion, and me. Because we were in a group, the cars avoided us and the mountain seemed conquerable.

We welcomed the summit in spite of the 3 feet of snow and enough wind to power a small village. But we expected a summit sign, an elevation sign, or a “congratulations you made it!” sign. What we got was a yellow cow crossing sign(?!).


We said good-bye to Alan at the bottom as he headed south to Zion and we headed northeast to Bryce. I will miss riding with Alan – our myriad of conversations made the long days short and the steep hills seem flat.

Michelle from Minersville, UT

On our way to Cedar City, we stopped at the post office to mail some things and met Michelle who works for the Post Office in Minersville UT, just outside of Milford. When I asked Michelle what she loves about her job she responded, “staying connected to the community.” I think it’s her warmth and personality that has the community wanting to stay connected to her!

Jim, Patty, and Melody from Las Vegas, NV

Jim, Patty, and Melody were in the RV next to ours in Cedar City. Jim stopped by to learn more. While he’s now retired, he did love the technology in the lab where he worked. His wife Patty is also retired from working in payroll, and she loved paying people. Melody is the Director of a Trauma Nursing Center and what she loves about her job is impacting change. She sits in decision-making meetings and she is usually the only one who has been in the trenches to know what is really going on with nurses.

Nikki from Cedar City, UT

I met Nikki at the American Classic Diner in Cedar City before heading up the mountain.Her energy and spunk could power the restaurant! As she sat down at our table to take our order, I asked her what she loves about her job and she said, “interacting with people.” Nikki was delighted to receive a LifeMoxie book as she had just successfully quit smoking and was ready to take on her life!

Gary and Nadine from Salt Lake City, UT

Gary and Nadine saw the RV in Cedar City, checked out the website, and then pulled overwhen we were nearly at the top of the mountain. They wanted to say “hello!” Of course, I had to ask them what they loved about their jobs. They are both retired from the military and now Gary is in communications. He said that he loves supporting people in the military all over the world.


My incredible husband flew 4 hours from NY to Vegas this morning, then drove 4 hours to Cedar Mountain to meet us and caravan with the RV to Bryce Canyon. A sight for sore eyes! He brought me lots of goodies, including much-needed long underwear. (It’s 31 degrees here!)

Interesting Sightings:

  • Bryce Canyon National Park and the “hoodoos” (a pillar of rock left by erosion)
  • The canyon at the base of Cedar Mountain – the trees looked like a choir
  • Sign: “8% grades, 25 m.p.h. curves next 15 miles” (that would be Cedar Mountain!)
  • The incredible red rocks
  • A birch tree log fence in a perfect zig-zag up the mountain
  • 3 feet of snow at the top
  • A sign on the bathroom: “Closed for the Winter” (it’s May 30!)
  • Zion National Park from the top of Cedar Mountain

Stats for Days 14 + 15

Day 14 Miles: 56.45 miles

Day 15 Miles: 80.98 miles

Total mileage: 972.70

Total ascent: Day 14: 3,084 / Day 15: 8,422

Total interviews: 27

Road kill count: 100 (including 1 porcupine, 1 sheep, 1 antelope, 2 more cows!)

Destination for Day 16: A day off in Bryce Canyon with Rob!


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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  1. Sandra Pilon says:

    Hang in there you amazing woman you.. And Rob you get major husband points!

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