Day #4 – Generosity Abounds and the Germans are Back

Today was a relatively easy 58-mile ride from West Sacramento to a small town just outside of Placerville, CA. The sky spigot officially ended at 7am and it became a beautiful day to ride. I actually took off my jacket (which will shock my biking guys in NJ who are used to me riding with 5 layers of clothes!)

Most of the day was spent on the  beautiful American River Bike Path. What a pleasure it was to be on a bike path and away from traffic for most of the day. Then the last 15 miles of extreme rolling hills reminded me of what’s in store tomorrow as we head to Tahoe.

Some highlights from Day #4:

The Germans

You’ll never believe who I ran into on the American River Bike Path… the Germans (from yesterday)!  I turned around immediately, exclaiming with glee, “Hello! Benjamin! Bijorn! So great to see you!” From the looks on their faces, they clearly thought I was following them. I asked them where they were headed, and without cracking a smile, they said, “The KOA in Placerville.” I squealed, “Me too!” This didn’t sit well, as they instantly said they might cycle to the next town…  

Caren – once a stranger, now our artist friend

Our friend Jenny Smith, who opened her home to us in Novato, called her friend Caren Halvorsen in Fair Oaks (just outside of Sacramento) about our trek. Caren called immediately to open her home to us too. We only had time for lunch, but what a treat that was! Caren’s home is adorned with her magical artist way – each item intriguing, compelling, and beautiful, like Caren. She is so generous – made us a delicious lunch, shared her life’s story, interviewed for the documentary, and gifted me with her first novel, Time for Change. Clearly a new friend!

Erika’s long trek to bring me jelly

My wonderful friend Erika Kosina drove an hour and a half from Nevada City to meet us at the KOA. What a sight for sore eyes (and legs) she was! She came bearing gifts: warm socks and a warm biking hat for the cold that awaits us in Tahoe tomorrow, 4 different kinds of jelly for my daily PB&Js, and interesting and delicious bike snacks. On top of all that she bought us a scrumptuous BBQ dinner. Over dinner she described her new job as her “dream job,” and upon hearing those words we instantly pulled out the video camera to interview her about why she loves her job. Her answer: she’s making a difference in the community. Gotta love Erika – a bundle of warmth, friendship, and generosity!  

Today’s Strange Sightings

  • A Buddhist Monastery in the middle of West Sacramento with (presumed) prostitutes, homeless, and drug addicts loitering outside
  • A sign that read: “Gold Prospecting Summit – Latest Equipment. Expert Instruction. April 23” (didn’t know people were still panning for gold…)
  • Another sign that read: “Dogs Harming or Worrying Livestock May Be Shot” (my dog’s energy makes small children worry – keep him away from livestock, please!)


Today’s Stats

Miles for today: 59.23

Total mileage: 221.67

Total interviews for the documentary: 11

Animal sightings: jack rabbit, chipmunks, 2 cranes, deer, cows, horses

Road kill count: 21

Destination on Thurs: Kirkwood in South Lake Tahoe area (can anyone say “elevation”?)


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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2 Responses to Day #4 – Generosity Abounds and the Germans are Back

  1. Mom says:

    Every early morning, I find myself hungry to see your next blog! Like a great novel! I feel I am along for the ride! I hear your humor and know YOU are enjoying your job!

    And, I know you are safe! Love you!

  2. Jeff Christensen says:

    Ann – how many of yesterday’s roadkills were dogs?

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