What’s an Adventure without Cloud Spit and a Sky Spigot?

Yesterday may have been liquid sunshine, this morning was cloud spit, and tonight it is a sky spigot. I have decided that if this adventure went according to plan, I couldn’t rightly call it an “adventure.”

The weather finally cleared at 11 am, so we hit the road for 68 miles in the farm country with more interesting people and unusual sights. Here are highlights from Day #3:

Benjamin and Bijorn

While riding on the Adventure Cycling route, I passed Benjamin and Bijorn, 2 young men from Germany on hybrid bikes (not even fancy road bikes) loaded down with panniers and tents for a 4-month cycling trek around the states. They had left San Francisco this morning and were headed to Yosemite, Denver, and the Grand Canyon. What!? I’m on Day #3, I’m carrying nothing, and yet, the Germans and I made it to the same road at the same time!? Clearly I have to pick up the pace or go back to shortcuts on the freeways!

Strawberry Sam

At a strawberry stand, we met Sam the Strawberry man. He seemed a bit reserved for our documentary, but from the shy grin on his face after I gushed over the delicious strawberries, I surmised that he was without a doubt proud of his job.

Davis, the Friendliest Bike City

Rode through Davis, CA just outside of Sacramento and when I saw the “U.S. Cycling Hall of Fame” I knew I had made it to bike country. Not only were their roads lined with bike paths, there were even bike roundabouts so cyclists could merge into oncoming cycling traffic. The cherry was the 9-mile bike causeway from Davis to West Sacramento allowing people to commute to work safely on a bike instead of navigating semis on freeways (like some out-of-towners I know…).

Luis the Produce Merchandiser at Ikedas Country Market

On our way out of Davis we stopped at Ikedas Country Market, a deceptively small shack on the side of the road. Inside was a cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade sweets and delicious spreads. There we met Luis, the Produce Merchandiser, and a ray of sunshine. Instantly we knew we wanted to interview him for the documentary. When asked about why he loves his job, Luis gushed about (1) the opportunity to help customers discover an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, and (2) the contagious passion his boss has for the market and how that has influenced Luis to have that same passion at work and at home. Luis went on to share about his challenging upbringing in LA and his appreciation for people and the simple things in life.

Today’s Bizarre Citings

  • A farmhouse with palm trees in the front yard surrounded by wheat fields
  • 10 shirtless college guys pushing a tractor tire flat-side over flat-side while screaming like banshees down 2nd Street in Davis
  • A woman (who was clearly not a cop) walking into a gas station carrying a gun in a holster on her hip


Today’s Stats

Miles for today: 68.13

Total mileage: 162.44

Total interviews for the documentary: 9

Animal citings: lots of cows, horses, and sheep

Road kill count: 17

Destination on Wed: Placerville, CA


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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