The Route Conundrum, the Illegal Shortcut, and the Rain

My cousin Steve and my friend Steven both rode cross-country quite successfully using only paper maps. Technology has all but made that paper extinct. Today, however, I have renewed my loyalty to the paper maps from Adventure Cycling.

Playing Magellan

Our ridiculous game of Magellan today went like this: engage 3 different on-line bike route applications, text Chuck at 1:30am about mapping a route for us, consult 2 different bike GPS devices, pore over a myriad of on-line maps, then head out and guess which route Ann took and which route Justin took with the RV. Tomorrow, I’m going back to paper.

The Illegal Shortcut

I couldn’t understand why the bike GPS insisted on sending me 20 miles out of my way so I opted for the on-line application that mapped a shortcut for me. Then I saw the sign and it all made sense: “Bicycles prohibited on highway.” I decided to forge ahead anyway (thinking if I got pulled over I’d interview the police officer for our documentary).

When the semis screamed by me impatiently on their way to Sacramento, I decided that ignoring the sign was probably not the wisest move. Note to self: not all bike route technology is bad.

Wine Tasting

As we made our way into the wine country today, we decided that we couldn’t pass through without some wine tasting. So we made beautiful Domaine Carneros our rest stop. There we enjoyed some delicious Pinot Noir while interviewing Kelvin, our host, about why he loves his job (for the documentary). But alas, we spent a bit too long enjoying the winery because….

Then there was Rain

I had a vision of riding across the country with sunshine dancing on my shoulders from state to state. This afternoon I repainted that vision, as liquid sunshine came pouring from the sky. Soaking wet, shivering, and navigating rush hour traffic, I had to stop in Napa. I had had enough of this version of the adventure for one day.

Today’s Stats

Miles for today: 44

Total mileage: 94.31

Total interviews for the documentary: 7

Animal citings: a hawk, a turkey, lots of cows

Road kill count: 8

Destination tomorrow: Sacramento


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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2 Responses to The Route Conundrum, the Illegal Shortcut, and the Rain

  1. Wendy W W says:


    Yes, the unexpected is definitely expected on this journey! I love how you roll with it by taking in the day’s lessons and using them to enhance future possibilities! (Sorry about the unavoidable pun!) 94 miles!!!!

    Go, Ann, GO!!!


    ~ WWW

  2. Sheri Jeavons says:

    Just got back from Domaine Carneros…had wine! Then I checked your blog for the first time to find out that you were there too! Of all the places to stop. It is very beautiful….miss you!

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