After an inordinate amount of self-care, I’m back on the bike

Two weeks and I’m back on the bike. I can only attribute my fast recovery to an unprecedented (at least in my world) amount of self-care.

The days right after the wreck
The first week after kissing the curb and getting 15 stitches in my knee and my elbow included a lot of bandages, Neosporin, ice, heating pad, antibiotics, limping, and climbing stairs like I’m 8 again. Sadly, what was missing was biking. It wasn’t until day 4 that I could even bend my knee 90 degrees.

Physical Therapy
I have a great physical therapist. Steven Ryan at True Physical Therapy ( has been strength-training me for months in preparation for the Moxie Ride. When the accident happened he turned all of our focus to my knee. Over a few sessions, he got my knee bending, pushed me to work my knee instead of baby it, and then got me on a stationary bike. Just the confidence I needed.

A dose of my acupuncturist, Shoshanna at Red Bank Wellness Center (, and I’m transported back to Berkeley. After she stuck countless needles in my knee, there was a noticeable decrease in the swelling. Part needle-pointing guru and part energy therapist, Shoshanna believes my accident is preventing a greater one on the Moxie Ride. I’m with her.

Therapeutic Massage
In the middle of the day I got a massage! Who does that when they’re not on vacation? But my muscles were insanely wound after diving off of the bike and into a curb. Angela at the Red Bank Wellness Center is amazing – she works muscles like she’s kneading dough into a pizza.

Now here’s something I hadn’t thought of – sleeping. For the first 2 days afterwards, I actually slept until 8:30am. What a treat (even though I was sleeping with bags of ice).

I’ve been marinating my knee in Vitamin E, while devouring enough anti-inflammatory herbs to make the price of Whole Foods stock go up.

The cocktail of inordinate care worked
Just shy of 2 weeks, and Chuck and I were back on our bikes! 17 miles on Sunday, 22 on Tuesday, and my knee feels fantastic!  We’re gearing up for a 50-mile ride on Saturday, provided it doesn’t snow….

Intentional Cycling
Before I was a brazen cyclist, now I’m an intentional cyclist. Before I was focused on the changing scenery and the conversation with other cyclists, with a mere glance at the road now and again. Now I’m focused on the road immediately in front of me and the terrain just ahead. I still inhale the changing scenery, but I’ve decided to get off my bike and love the sunrise instead of trying to grab it as I drive by. What a great lesson for me (albeit an expensive one!) on being intentional, focused, and present in all areas of my life.


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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One Response to After an inordinate amount of self-care, I’m back on the bike

  1. Cathie says:

    Better than new! You’ll make it all the way!

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