The RV – a Billboard, a Sherpa, and a Home on Wheels

A Billboard
I want to make waves with this adventure, not ripples. But being the only cyclist (at least the only crazy one riding every day) will make it challenging to stand out from the crowd. Not an effective way to promote anything. I need a traveling billboard if I’m going to successfully promote a new book, the Love Your Work campaign, and two non-profits.

Oscar Mayer has the Weinermobile (a hotdog-in-a-bun on wheels that college kids drive around all summer to promote the company) and it turns heads on every street. I need my own Weinermobile.

So I’m going to have an RV follow me across the country and be my traveling billboard/Weinermobile. I’m going to wrap the RV in graphics of the book covers, logos for the campaign, and logos for the non-profits.

A Sherpa
In addition to needing a billboard, I need someone/thing to carry my stuff – a Sherpa, if you will. The RV will be my Sherpa, hauling my extra bike, bike equipment, the books, 11 weeks’ worth of clothes, and promotional materials for the Love Your Work campaign.

A Home on Wheels
In addition to needing a billboard and a Sherpa, I need a place to live for 11 weeks. Many great cyclists who make this trek carry 3 months’ worth of clothes and supplies in panniers (bags hanging from their bikes). Then they camp their way across the country. I am in awe, but not interested in doing this the hard way. I’m opting for the wave-making, entertaining way.

The RV will be “home” for 11 weeks. And because Wal-mart welcomes RVs, I am going to seek out Wal-Marts from coast to coast (along with a few RV parks).

Who will Drive the RV??
I am surrounded by champions. Upon hearing about the adventure, 12 of them actually agreed to spend one week of their summer driving the RV for The Moxie Ride. This sounded so delicious that we literally began planning the bike route around airports to fly people in and out each week. But it got a bit complicated and distracting.

Plan B: hire a driver. And I think I have found the perfect one! I will be meeting this adventurous soul in 2 weeks and will introduce them to you then.

Shopping for the RV
Why buy an RV instead of rent one? My fabulous team did a lot of research and discovered that it would cost more to rent one than to buy one and resell it. In addition, no RV rental company wants us to “deface” their RV by wrapping it with graphics of book covers and logos.

Which brings me to my RV shopping spree. I found the perfect RV in NJ, but it would require me to drive it to SF before the ride, and at $4/gallon and 8 miles to the gallon, I needed a better solution. This past weekend I flew to SF to find that solution.

It was at Cruise America that I found the perfect RV in less than 30 minutes: a 30-foot, Class C Majestic billboard! As serendipity would have it, when I told Jeff, my sales guy at Cruise America, what I was up to, he said, “You can interview me first on your campaign! I love my job!”

And so the adventure continues….


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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2 Responses to The RV – a Billboard, a Sherpa, and a Home on Wheels

  1. Ellen Enright says:

    Hey Tardy girl. Reading your daily experiences is a blast. I always thought you an amazing woman and friend, and you are also an inspiration. We are trying to figure out how to hook up with you when you hit Davenport around the 9th of July. Jeff is planning on joining you and I will be the photographer this time around. He plans on being your bike pal to St Charles. Hope the timing works out, we will figure out a way based on your timing. Hey we made it to your wedding come he’ll or high water, or flight cancellations or whatever. Keep you chin up and know that your friend fans think the world of you. Love. Ellen and Jeff

  2. Ellen Enright says:

    P.S. We just bought new bikes and have been trying to get out a few times each week. I thought of your roadkill count when we were riding this week and I kept coming across bananas and so my road banana count hit 4 by the time we got home, and no sliding occurred. A good thing. Happy trails and adventure and NO WIND will be our thoughts for your ride tomorrow. Love and moxie to you.

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