3660 miles begins with 1 pedal stroke… Introducing the Route for The Moxie Ride

OK. Reality is setting in. I have spent the past 3 days poring over the bike route for The Moxie Ride, day by day, city by city, mile by mile. 10 1/2 weeks, 75 days, 3,660 miles. Looking at the whole thing, I have to admit, I am feeling a bit of fear, trepidation, and overwhelm.

But then I think about other big things I’ve accomplished in my life. Each of them would have similarly overwhelmed me had I kept my focus on the enormous challenge instead of the next step. I accomplished law school by keeping my head down and executing. Same thing with writing books – head down, page by page, chapter by chapter.

But I also realize that if I keep my head down and just stare at the road in front of me the entire route without looking up at the big picture, I will miss out. I will miss out on being inspired by The Moxie Ride, being invigorated by the excitement of our progress, and experiencing the adventure as it unfolds. I need those to fuel me for the next mile.

A journey of (three) thousand miles does indeed begin with one step (or one pedal stroke). Got it. But instead of just focusing on the next pedal stroke or just focusing on the enormity of 3660 miles, I am going to oscillate between them. I will balance the fear with the inspiration. 

So, now I share with you the route so you can share with me the juxtaposed feelings of fear and inspiration. Drum roll, please. Introducing the coast-to-coast route for The Moxie Ride:

The Route

May 15-16 to Sacramento CA

May 17   Sacramento CA                    

May 18   to Placerville CA

May 19   to Cooks Station CA

May 20   to Carson Pass CA

May 21   Carson Pass CA

May 22   to Dayton NV                        

May 23   to Fallon NV

May 24   to Middle Gate NV

May 25   to Reese River NV

May 26   to Bean Flat NV

May 27   to Pancake NV

May 28   in Pancake NV

May 29   to Robinson Summit

May 30   to Sacramento Pass

May 31   to Mormon Gap

June 1    to Frisco Summit

June 2    to Cedar City UT

June 3    to Panguitch UT

June 4    to Panguitch UT

June 5-7 to Caineville UT                   

June 8    to Hog Canyon UT

June 9    to Gulch River UT

June 10 to Boulder Creek CO

June 11 in Boulder Creek 

June 12 to Dolores CO      

June 13 to Lizard Head Pass

June 14 to Colona CO

June 15 to Cimmarron CO

June 16 to Parlin CO

June 17 to Poncha Springs CO

June 18 in Poncha Springs               

June 19 to Roundhill CO

June 20 to Silver Plune CO

June 21 to Idaho Springs CO

June 22 to Denver CO

June 23 in Denver CO       

June 24-27 to McCook NE

June 28 in McCook NE

June 29-July 2 to Lincoln NE

July 3      to Nebraska City NE

July 4      in Nebraska City NE

July 5-9 to Davenport IA

July 9      in Davenport IA

July 10-11 to St. Charles IL

July 12    in St. Charles

July 13-18 to Huron OH

July 19    to Cleveland OH

July 20    Cleveland OH

July 21    to Espyville PA

July 22-26 to Matamoras PA

July 26-27 to Pier Village NJ


About moxieride

I'm the Founder of LifeMoxie and I'm riding my bicycle across the country this summer to celebrate people who love their jobs and to celebrate the moxie managers who help us make work matter.
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One Response to 3660 miles begins with 1 pedal stroke… Introducing the Route for The Moxie Ride

  1. Josette Jean-Francois says:

    Congrats Ann on your moxie adventure! Safe riding! I can’t wait to hear about tomorrow’s experience.

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